Friday, February 15, 2008


The soft sheets slide over my body like water. I lay naked, refusing to give up my dreams. I can still feel the warm lips traveling across my skin, coming to rest on my left nipple. Teasing. Soft. The hands that then trailed behind, finding the most delicious places. My back arches with the remembrance of the dream and I fight to hold on to the feeling.

I hear you stir beside me and turn to trail my fingernails up along your spine. You shiver and relax into my hand. Thus encouraged, I grow bolder, tracing down now slowly, finding the indentation at the bottom, teasing it. My hands slide over your ass, scratching and teasing over your hip and back down into your warmest places. My reward is the catch in your breath as your body softens and melts in my hands. I smile, knowing my dream will continue well into the morning.

My hands slide up so slowly, feeling every muscle defined under your soft skin. I feel the swell of your breast and guide my hand to the tip, knowing from your gasps that your nipple will be hard and waiting my touch. Fingertips barely touching, I brush across it, feather light, and hear your sigh in answer. Curling against your back, my lips linger at your neck, nuzzling, and I can smell the sweet scent in your hair. You are so beautiful. Yet always it has been your fragrance, your taste, and the lovely sounds you make when I touch you that most excite me.

You turn to kiss me, and your hands reach into my hair, pulling me to you, hard, your need growing. Your excitement makes me breathless as our kiss deepens, the softness of your lips hungry now, your body trembling. My own body's need makes itself known, and our motions become more frenzied.

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